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Spring break workouts set

April 5, 2009

Says Coach Scott Mann:

  • Optional Lacrosse Play Days: We will have two optional lacrosse play days (an opportunity to play without two hours of drills) on Tuesday (2-3:30pm, Stadium) and Thursday (same time, if enough girls come Tuesday).
  • Spring Break Workouts: Each girl is expected to complete the attached workout (CLICK HERE) or a more rigorous variation. There will be a fitness test conducted on Monday after break to see who has kept with these scheduled workouts. Every family received a roster so the girls have no excuse to not call a teammate for a workout buddy.

Calendar when school’s back in session:

Monday 4/13 – Practice
Tuesday 4/14 – Practice
Wednesday 4/15 – Games @ El Toro (JV 4pm, Varsity 5:30pm, at Glen Yermo Elementary)
Thursday 4/16 – Practice (site and time TBD); Open House (come visit the Lacrosse Booth, to be organized)
Friday 4/17 – Games vs. Peninsula (JV 5:30pm, Varsity 7pm)
Saturday 4/18 – Sticks and Stones Invitational (JV plays, Varsity works)
Sunday 4/19 – rest

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