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Post-season schedule set

May 14, 2009

Lacrosse Postseason
Every week you are required to be in class for 265 minutes. This is the practice schedule through the end of the school year for all Girls’ Lacrosse athletes. Girls who are not present must bring a readmit the following day. Girls who are present and do not participate in the team’s practice for the day will lose 5% from their overall grade (e.g. two missed practices 90% – A, three missed practices 85% – B). Girls with injuries must have a doctor’s note to be excused from physical activity, but will still be expected to be dressed in lacrosse-appropriate apparel. Any questions should be directed to Mr. Mann … scott.mann (at) svusd (dot) org

Regular Schedule
Day    Time    Location
Monday    2:10 – 2:20    Room 104
Tuesday    2:10 – 4:10    Upper Field (dressed by 2:30)
Wednesday    2:10 – 2:20    Room 104
Thursday    2:10 – 4:10    Upper Field (dressed by 2:30)
Friday    2:10 – 2:20    Room 104

Block Schedule

May 14 (Thursday)    no Period 7
May 15 (Friday)    1:13-3:03    Upper Field (dressed by 1:30)
May 18 (Monday)    no Period 7
May 19 (Tuesday)    1:13-3:03    Upper Field (dressed by 1:30)

Day of Final
June 18 (Thursday)    Upper Field (dressed 20 minutes after bell)

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