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Holiday lacrosse, anyone? (Camp added!)

December 15, 2009

Winter break doesn’t have to mean a break from working on your game. Two West Coast camps to ponder:

Of course, there’s always Coach Mann’s “Wall Ball Workout” …

Throwing the ball against a cement wall or handball court. This workout should be completed at least three times a week.

  • First set – 50 Right, 50 Left (regular throwing).
  • Second set – 50 Quick-Stick Right, 50 Quick-Stick Left.
  • Third set – 50 Throw Right & Catch Left, then Throw Left & Catch Right.
  • Fourth set – 25 One Handed w/ Right, 25 One Handed w/ Left.
  • Fifth set – 25 Behind the Back, Each Hand (advanced catch).

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