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Snack bar needs food, helpers

February 25, 2010

From the snack bar committee:

Below is a list of items and duties that are still needed in order for the snack bar to be successful again this year. Please sign up where you are able to. Also, please bring all donated items to the scrimmage this Saturday — March 27 against Mission Viejo — so we can assess what we have and what we still need …

Donations needed:

  • 2 boxes of Cup of Noodles
  • 1 box of Kit Kats
  • 1 box of Reese’s
  • 1 box of Snickers
  • 1 Costco container of Sour Straws
  • 1 Costco container of Red Vines
  • 1 Costco container of bubble gum
  • 1 box of Cliff Bars
  • 1 Costco can of Nacho cheese sauce
  • 1 Costco bag of Tortilla chips
  • 50 count foam cups
  • 50 count paper bowls for nachos

Also: Does anyone have a large thermos for hot water that we can borrow for the season, or someoen to volunteer to bring it each home game filled with hot water?

Snack bar shifts still needing to be filled:

  • Wednesday March 31: JV 5:30pm need 2 people (game with Foothill)
  • Friday April 16: Varisty and JV (new date and time; switched from 3/24) JV 5:30pm need 2 people. Varsity 7pm need 2 people
  • Tuesday April 27: JV 5:30pm need 2 people. Varsity 7pm need 2 people
  • Friday April 30: Varsity 7pm need 2 people

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