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23 Mustangs ‘scholar athletes’

April 6, 2010

If you’ve noticed more than a few schoolbooks open in the stands on game day, here’s a hint at the kind of result that work produces:

  • Team overall grade point average of 3.65
  • 23 girls with “Total Weighted GPA 3.50 or greater, based upon the end of Fall Semester 2009.”
  • Mustang “scholar athletes” …
Molly Driscoll
Brittany Fradin
Lindsay Howe
Katie Kuhlman
Alex Miller
Niki Neeley
Katie Ranck
Alyssa Ransom
Michelle Vargas
Marisa Weddle
Ashley Brewer
Hope Dodd
Kayla Heaviside
Stephanie Keider
Sohee Ki
Danielle Leong
Chelsea Martin
Lizzie Moore
Brittani Nagy
Veigh Redwine
Lauren Thews
Jess Tveit
Lexi Witkin

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