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Mustangs sought for tournaments

September 6, 2010

Mustang lacrosse players are sought for off-season club tournaments. Here’s an update of off-season tournament opportunities:

  • October 9-10 (Saturday & Sunday) in Placentia: 7-v-7 tournament (Info HERE!) Projected cost: $40/girl. ROSTER: We have enough “Yes!” for one team — so if you said “Yes!” you’re IN! (Assuming the email world worked!) We’re seeking additional girls so we can field TWO squads at the tournament! (PS: No Fall Ball that weekend!)
  • January 15-16 (Saturday & Sunday) in Palm Springs: the prestigious Sand Storm tournament! (Info HERE!) Projected cost: $140/girl. (Yes, it’s expensive but it’s a first class tournament with teams from across the nation!) ROSTER: We are 2 short for “YES” … So please shout interest!

A waiting list will be kept of players who don’t make our first roster — remember we’re doing selection by response time — to offer opportunity in case of injury/illness etc. Main goal is get playing time that will pay benefits next spring!

We are now filling up a squad for a third opportunity:

  • October 2-3 in Anaheim area, Disneyland Lacrosse Invitational: Projected cost: $60/girl. Fact sheet HERE! (PS: No Fall Ball that weekend!) ROSTER: It’s 12-v-12 event, so we’ll need at least a goalie and 14 field players!

We need to act quickly. Team slots in these tournaments can go quickly.

Feel free to contact Jon Lansner (lansner at cox dot net) or or Katherine Redwine (kredwine at cox dot net) for more details!

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