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11 fresh faces on 2011 JV team

February 22, 2011

The 2011 Trabuco Hills High School Girls Lacrosse Junior Varsity features 11 fresh faces to the program.

JVers: Malkowski, Kleinbart and Ransom

All told, the Mustang JV will have two juniors, nine sophomores and nine freshman.

The JV girls (asterisk denotes players new to the program):

Hope Dodd (Sophomore)
Brittany Fradin (Sophomore)
* Monica Gascon (Freshman)
Lindsay Howe (Sophomore)
* Jacqueline Huse (Freshman)
Sara Kleinbart (Sophomore)
Katie Kuhlman (Junior)
* Melanie Leong (Freshman)
* Cyrena Malkowski (Freshman)
Megan McIntyre (Sophomore)
* Peyton Nunez (Freshman)
* Cheyenne Ochoa (Freshman)
* Caroline Rabourne (Freshman)
Becca Ransom (Sophomore)
Madeline Rush (Junior)
* Delaney Shelton (Freshman)
* Shelby Siano (Freshman)
* Kelsey Tapia (Sophomore)
* Brittany Tran (Freshman)
Courtney Tveit (Sophomore)

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