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’12 Mustang JV features 12 new players

January 7, 2012

The 2012 Trabuco Hills Girls Lacrosse Varsity will feature a dozen players new to the Mustang program to mesh with nine returning from last year’s 17-win JV season!

Returning players are:

  • Brittany Fradin (Jr.)
  • Courtney Tveit (Jr.)
  • Kelsey Tapia (Jr.)
  • Lindsay Howe (Jr.)
  • Caroline Rabourn (So.)
  • Cheyenne Ochoa (So.)
  • Delaney Shelton (So.)
  • Monica Gascon (So.)
  • Shelby Siano (So.)

Newcomers to the Mustang JV are:

  • Alyssa Ortega (Fr.)
  • Becca Haggard (Fr.)
  • Hannah Kleinbart (Fr.)
  • Jackie Cronkite (Fr.)
  • Jenelle Phillips (Fr.)
  • Kaylyn Voytilla (Fr.)
  • Madison DuMond (Fr.)
  • Marina Sandoval (Fr.)
  • Sam Ransom (Fr.)
  • Sojin Ki (Fr.)
  • Taylor Fox (Fr.)
  • Kaelyn Green (Jr.)

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