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Mission Viejo 7, JV 6

April 12, 2013

The Trabuco Hills Girls JV Lacrosse team traveled to Mission Viejo Thursday for a rematch against the Diablos.

mission logoThe Mustangs gained possession from the draw and quickly passed their way down the field where Ashly Bradshaw’s shot on goal and just missed off the top bar.  The Diablos took possession and scored quickly making the game 1-0.  The Diablos won the following draw and forced the Mustangs back on their heels.  The Mustangs showed their strongest defensive performance of the season.  For over 10 minutes they walled off the Diablos and stopped every incoming opportunity.  However, the pressure eventually wore on the defense and the Mustangs fell behind 5-2.  Then in a late first-half surge the Mustangs continued to attack through a fast, short passing game and came within 1 point of the Diablos.  The first half closed at 5-4.

The second half started with the Diablos pressuring on offense again.  The ground balls seemed to favor the home team and the Mustangs again fell behind with the Diablos leading 7-4.  Fueled by a strong defensive performance the Mustang offense began to find holes in the Diablo defense.  Quick goals from Jacquie Cronkrite and Caroline Rabourn brought the Mustangs within one goal of the Diablos.  The final minutes belonged to the Mustangs and they just missed the tying goal with 42 seconds remaining on the clock.  The Diablos won the game 7-6, but the Mustangs continue to improve with their passing and strong defense.

Goal scorers of the game were Jacquie Cronkrite (2), Irene Petruzzi (2), Ashly Bradshaw (1) and Caroline Rabourn (1).  Sam Ransom finished with 9 saves.

Record: 6-5-1

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