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’14 practice expectations set

February 10, 2014

From Coach Leong on 2014 practice attendance expectations: 

Girls Lacrosse is graded class, actually an 8th period class! With all sports getting more scrutiny lately, we have to adhere to the attendance rules — like all classes. (There may be random audits during practices regarding this.)

Here’s info on attendance/absences:

1. Attendance will be taken at each scheduled practice with absences and tardiness noted and turned into the school.

2. Email or text Coach Leong when you know you won’t make a practice, will be late, or need to leave early so practice plans can be modified if needed.

3. You are expected to attend practice even though you may not be able to participate or can do so in a limited manner, but able to be there. (e.g. a little under the weather or injured) You can at least watch and listen so you’re kept up to speed on everything we’re doing and instruction being given.

4. If you know you will be absent before that particular day just from Girls Lacrosse – Bring a note to the attendance office for an Early Out stating you won’t be attending 8th period Girls Lacrosse that day.

5. If you find out after school that day that you will be absent (e.g. became sick after school) – Bring me a note from your parent/guardian the following practice which the school may ask for after reviewing the attendance sheet.

6. You will get 2 homework passes – Can skip 2 practices without an absence.

7. Being absent without adhering to items 4 through 6 above will be considered a unexcused absence.

Aside from the above rules, what I see more importantly is that when you joined Girls Lacrosse you committed to a team. As such, it is done with everyone doing their part and pulling their weight. That means coming to practices to improve your skills to then help improve the team as a whole. It’s not fair to everyone else that does so, if you don’t.

We can do big things this season if we’ll all in — and that takes teamwork by doing your part.

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