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Sticks & Stones guidelines set

March 24, 2014

New tournament guidelines are part of must-read information coaches and fans will need for the 7th annual Sticks & Stones Invitational to be held at Trabuco Hills High School on March 28-29.

Key items in the guidelines:

  • Each division has a pair of 3-team pools. Each team will play two games against each member of their pool.
  • Standings of the pool will determine your final game in the divisional playoff competition. Here’s how the final pool ranking will be determined: Each traditional win (that is, without the aid of a shootout) is worth 5 standings points. A shootout win is worth 3 points. Shootout loss is worth 2 point. A loss gets no points.
  • Pool tie-breaking procedure: 1. Fewest goals allowed in 2 games. 2. Head-to-head 3. Fewest goals allowed in loss 4. Fewest cards, red equals 2 5. Coin toss
  • All divisional championships will be played in the stadium: Pool A 1st place vs. Pool B 1st place.
  • In the division’s final “Challenge Matches” it is suggested that the 2nd place and 3rd place teams each square off. But we can offer some flexibility! If that 2nd-v-2nd or 3rd-v-3rd challenge matchup is (1) a game the teams have on their season’s schedule … and (2) all four coaches of the pool’s challenge teams agree, we can switch to more fun/opportune challenge-game matchups!

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