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Team Guide ad sales

It’s time to sell the 2015 Mustang Lacrosse Guide, a production of the Trabuco Hills girls and boys programs.

14 Guide

Click to see online version of last year’s guide!

The funds raised through sales are a win-win:

  • For families, ad sales can help offset player donations.
  • For the teams, ad sales raise much-needed funds.

How does it work?

The Team Guide is a printed magazine honoring the girls and boys programs and their players. For 2015, it will be produced as a year-end recap of the 2015 season — distributed at team banquets!

For each ad sold, a player will receive a rebate equal to 75% back towards their team donation. For example: Sell ad worth $100 and $75 will be rebated against a player’s team donations.

(Note: Ads sold with non-cash payments — gift cards, food, product etc. — will be credited up to 50% of the ad price towards team donations, with team pre-approval.)

A player can get back as a rebate no more than their team donations.

How do I sell?

  • Approach as many local businesses as you can. Sell them on the importance of athletics at the school and how much their partnership with the team can help. tell them approximately 100 local families will get the Team Guide.
  • Use the forms in the sales kit: THHS Lacrosse Sales Contract IS HERE!
  • If prospective customers would like to see what a Team Guide looks like, email local business owners this link to an online viewer of the 64-page edition:!
  • Once you have closed the sale, fill the receipt out and leave it with the business or individual that placed the ad.

Any other sales tips?

Participation in this fundraiser will not impact a player’s standing with their Trabuco Hills Lacrosse team.
  • If they are a retailer, urge them to consider our quarter-page, double-sided coupon pages to be inserted in the Team Guide. Thee will be printed on easy to tear-out, card-stock pages.
  • Our advertisers can also have a flyer, coupon or promotional items included in the 500 gift bags that are given to the 24 teams that participate in the 2015 Sticks & Stones Girls Lacrosse tournament on March 27-28, 2015. This is an added, no-cost bonus to any advertiser. Have them contact us at for further assistance.

OK. I sold an ad. Now what?

1. Please fill out our reservation at when you have a signed contract so we can keep track of sales.

2. When you have a completed ad package, it’s a two-part process. First, the “paperwork”  — signed contract plus check. Please mail to:

  • Boys: THHS Lacrosse Guide, c/o Barron, 25 Baldosa, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
  • Girls: THHS Lacrosse Guide, c/o Raybourn, 26522 Dineral, Mission Viejo, CA 92691

3. Please have all checks made out to your respective “Trabuco Hills Lacrosse” team.

4. As for the actual ad content: If it is a hard copy, submit by mailing to: THHS Lacrosse Guide, c/o Lansner, 30 Yellowpine, Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679. If ad is electronic media, email the jpeg, png or pdf to

5. If you advertsiser has no ad copy, we can produce an ad for them. Please have them contact us at

What’s the deadline?

All completed packages — online reservation; signed contract; ad content and check — are due by March 10, 2015.

I’m confused!

Email us at with your questions!

Please note!

No advertiser is “protected” … that is, just because you sold it last year there are no grandfathered rights to that prospect. Just go hustle them again! PS: The following advertisers are considered “house accounts” that are only sold directly by the two teams to help fund the printing of the programs: MonketSports/LacrosseMonkey; Lacrosse Unlimited; Peppino’s.

What ads have been sold?

Check back here regularly to see who is supporting Trabuco Hills Lacrosse!

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