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HorsePower wins SandStorm division

January 21, 2019

hop-sandstorm 19HorsePower Lacrosse won another SandStorm divisional championship at the annual lacrosse festival in Indio.

sandstormAt SandStorm, that draws teams from across the continent (yes, Canada, too!), HorsePower won the Waring Division with a 4-1 record … then lost 4-3 to the West Coast Starz Elite in a first-round playoff match.

Here’s how they won the division …

  • Beat Lady Stangs, 6-5
  • Beat SoCal Express 2019/20, 9-6
  • Beat Utah Force Elite, 6-5
  • Lost to Vortex Elite, 8-5
  • Beat PSS 2, 12-8

In our previous visits to the desert tournament …

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