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Summer camp ’09


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The Trabuco Hills Girls’ Lacrosse Summer Camp — July 27-31, 2009 — is designed for new and returning players. During this week long camp, all girls will be introduced to the fundamentals of lacrosse, conditioning, and game situations to prepare all athletes for tryouts in early February 2010.

This is an opportunity for all athletes to learn this new sport so they are prepared for competition in the spring. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!

Coach Scott Mann: “Congratulations to all of the players from Trabuco Hills on having very successful seasons. I hope to see each girl at our team camp starting July 27. Additionally, I hope girls will take a serious look at attending a college lacrosse camp and perhaps playing club lacrosse. Through continued dedication and effort, the Trabuco girls will take a good program and make it a great program. See you over the summer at camp and then in the fall for preseason practice.”


  • WHERE: Trabuco Hills Stadium
  • TIME: 8:00-10:00am
  • WHAT TO BRING: Lacrosse stick, goggles, colored mouth guard, water
  • COST: $25.00 (checks payable to SVUSD)


  • WHERE: Trabuco Hills Stadium
  • TIME: 9:40-11:40am
  • WHAT TO BRING: Lacrosse stick, goggles, colored mouth guard, water
  • NEED EQUIPMENT?: We do not have team equipment, but there are a few playerswho are willing to let new girls borrow their sticks.
  • COST: $25.00 (checks payable to SVUSD)

To register, download application form (CLICK HERE) and mail the lower portion and the District waiver — with check payable to SVUSD — to:

Trabuco Hills High School

Attn: Girls’ Lacrosse – Mr. Mann

27501 Mustang Run

Mission Viejo, CA 92691

  • If you have any questions, email or call Mr. Mann — scott.mann (at) svusd (dot) org or 949-768-1934.
  • In order to plan for this summer camp, please have your registration form submitted by Monday, June 15,2009.
  • Please be certain to have a Physical Screening on file with the school before the camp begins or youmay not participate.


My daughter has been playing lacrosse for years and I feel she is better off attending a camp elsewhere.

In addition to practicing and refining valuable lacrosse skills, players should use this camp to build team chemistry. This is a chance for experienced girls to exercise leadership skills and to help improve the program as a whole. It is also beneficial for any experienced player to find a college

camp that interests them as well.

I have never seen the sport of Girls’ Lacrosse and do not know what to expect.

Girls’ Lacrosse involves a similar amount of running as in soccer, combined with the offensive and defensive fundamentals taught in basketball, with the hand eye coordination of hockey or tennis. This sport is not physical like Boys’ Lacrosse. Soccer and basketball have more physical contact than Girls’ Lacrosse.

I have never played lacrosse, how can I expect to learn a new sport?

Every year, we have girls who tryout for lacrosse and not only make the team, but become impact players at every level. There are many girls who came out to play lacrosse and end up being starters on the Varsity team in their first year. Besides girls with lacrosse playing experience, we have had impact players who only had experience in soccer, basketball, cross country, tennis, golf, or hockey.

What if I am not certain I will like lacrosse and I don’t wish to invest in the equipment?

While it is important for each student-athlete to have their own equipment (e.g. softball:glove, hockey:stick, tennis:racket, or golf:clubs), I understand money might prevent a girl from trying something new. Please do not hesitate to contact Coach Mann to see if the team might have a stick you can borrow for the week. A few players have additional equipment they may be willing to share.

Where can I find some lacrosse equipment for this camp?

South Swell Sports in Laguna Woods and Lax Monkey (within Hawk Hockey) in Santa Ana are your best stores. Equipment may also be purchased online from Harrow Sports through the Trabuco Hills Team Store. Sports Chalet has a limited quantity of sticks and goggles.

I am interested in playing lacrosse, but part of the camp conflicts with another camp or my family’s vacation.

Attend for as many days as possible. There is no replacement for the interaction you will have with the lacrosse team, but sometimes conflicts exist. Learning the skills taught in one day is much better than nothing at all. This will also provide you with the opportunity to practice with the girls who you will play lacrosse with in the spring and you will get to know the coaches as well.

This camp is only one week long, how can they possibly learn the sport of lacrosse?

Most camps spend a majority of the time conditioning. The purpose of this camp is to focus on lacrosse fundamentals to prepare girls to play competitive lacrosse. Our short amount of time is used to develop lacrosse skills including stickwork, shooting, and defense related to the team.

If I really want to learn more about lacrosse, shouldn’t I attend a lacrosse camp hosted by a local university instead?

Attending as many clinics and camps as possible is definitely important to student-athletes developing into strong lacrosse players, but there is no replacement for learning to work with the girls who are a part of the Trabuco Hills Lacrosse Program. Finally the skills learned at this camp will help students to understand the importance of a positive team atmosphere and will prepare athletes for other sports in the fall as well.

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