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Trabuco Hills Lacrosse FAQ


Some common questions about Trabuco Hills Girls Lacrosse — and our best shot at answering them!

Q. How hard is lacrosse to learn?

A. Be patient. The game is complex with nuanced skills that take years to master. But it is possible. Many Varsity players barely knew what lacrosse was when they first walked on the Trabuco Hills campus. Some eventually played college lacrosse, too!

Q. Who’s who?

A. Here’s the key people you need to know for now:

  • Head Coach: Scott Leong … 2019 will be his 6th year as the boss!
  • Assistant Coach: Melanie Page … in her 6th year!
  • Assistant Coach: Ashley Bell … in her 2nd year!

Q. How long is the season?

A. Trabuco Hills Girls Lacrosse is a spring sport. It’s a school class for the second semester. Actual team practice starts in early February, when spring semester begins, and game play runs from late February through mid-May.

Q. What about off-season?

A. Our off-season workouts and scrimmaging run from June through January minus a 3-week quiet period. Off-season is not a school program, but is essential to the development of our players. Through the SVUSD Recreation Dept., “HorsePower Lacrosse” offers a summer camp; summer scrimmages; and play and practice continues through fall and winter. That said, there’s only one requirement to participate off-season — an active US Lacrosse membership.

Q. How much will lacrosse cost?

A. The official spring Trabuco Hills HS team is primarily funded by family contributions, contributions from the school ASB and some district funds — not to mention field space. State law bars any school team from requiring payment, but we suggest a “Spirit Pack” donation. This helps fund the team and gets your girl some Mustang gear! It will be  $250 for Spring 2018. The off-season training is run through SVUSD Rec. A fee is required to participate.

Q. What can my girl do to improve?

A. Pick up a stick. Everyday. Take a jog with a stick and a ball. Play catch with parents, sibling or neighbor — the catcher can use a baseball mitt! Go to a nearby elementary school and do “Wall ball” — the dreary but long-term rewarding chore of tossing the ball back and forth until it becomes natural Then, when you’re that good, you do it to improve you speed, skills and accuracy!

Don’t forget any cardio workouts. That is a BIG field and stamina is critical when a player may be asked to many numerous sprints from end-to-end in a game.

Q. How many players make the team?

A. Plans are to have approximately 40 girls on two teams: Varsity and Junior Varsity. Decisions on who makes what teams will be determined at tryouts before December.

Q. Do you girls play or practice in the rain?

A. Lacrosse is an all-weather sport. And have your girl ask some of the “old-timers” about our games in recent years in driving rainstorms!

Q. How can I help?

A. Trabuco Hills Girls Lacrosse, like all school activities, only thrives because of its volunteers. Year-round volunteers do everything from clerical chores to fundraising to a bit of heavy lifting on game days. Shout back if you have time to offer (or know of fundraising opportunities through work or other slices of your life!)

Q. Is their a “Booster Club” I should join?

A. Nope. We’re pretty darn informal. If you want to volunteer, have an idea, or critical feedback — just shout!

Q. What’s the program’s history?

A. The program started in 2006 school year, under the guidance of Trabuco Hills economics teacher Scott Mann. The first season, it was a club sport at the school. Starting with the 2007 season, it became an official Varsity sports at Trabuco. Mr. Mann coached the team through the 2010 season. Since then, Scott Leong has been the coach. The Mustang Varsity has made the Orange County playoffs in each of its 12 years and won league championships in 2011, 2014, 2017 and 2018.

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