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eScrip is an easy way to support Trabuco Hills Girls’ Lacrosse … just by buying groceries at Vons and/or Pavillions. When you shop, the team gets a small slice of what you spend.

  • If you shop at Vons/Pavillons, and use your club card … you can easily join! (You’ll need your club card number!)
  • To sign up, please follow all the eScrip instructions until you have completed the registration.
  • To start registration, CLICK HERE!
  • You will need to search for “Girls Lacrosse – Trabuco Hills H S” … OR CLICK HEREOR search for Group ID # 500006520!
  • PS: If you often shop online, look at eScrip’s store — links to popular online shopping sites. Buying through those links, with a credit card registered with eScrip, can gain our team additional funds.

Thanks for supporting us!

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