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The Making of a Mustang Girls Lacrosse Player



Main Ingredients:

1. Team Dedication
2. Team Discipline
3. Team-work

Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 1.20.25 AMUltimate Outcome: Team success

Preparation: Preparation is everything (practice)

Style of Play: Sharp and loose (Don’t pull back)

Defense Top 12 List:

  • Communicate
  • Body positioning first
  • Attackers hate body contact
  • Check only if it’s a hanging stick
  • Stick on stick
  • Face guard cutters ball side to deny the feed
  • Only leave your low attacker at the last minute
  • Mark opponent tight to deny passes
  • When the ball passes you on transition go double the ball
  • Attackers defend all the way to the restraining line
  • Contain the ball attacker, don’t overreact (get beat, foul)
  • Never release a marked opponent at the restraining line

Attack Top 13 List:

  • One cutter at a time
  • Always expect a bad pass
  • Always be ready for a pass
  • Don’t hang your stick
  • Vertical shots have the highest percentage to score
  • Ball attacker keep your eyes toward the middle for cutters
  • Don’t force, but go for it when the opportunity is there
  • Driving to goal hard and fast
  • Always have a player at GLE for chase possession
  • Possession is everything
  • Attack crash on settled dropped balls or shot rebounds
  • Side support
  • Don’t take your eyes off our goalie when clearing

Team Top 14 List:

  • All games are big, prepare the same for each one
  • We play using high percentage fundamental moves
  • Strong fundamentals is 90% of the game
  • Hustle is 90% of the game
  • Out reacting the opponent is 90% of the game
  • Never ever give up
  • Details matter (The little things make a big difference)
  • Channel any frustrations into playing better to win
  • The best payback is winning (Don’t get your buttons pushed)
  • Fight hard for ground balls
  • Never forget the good games and how we played
  • Never forget the bad games and what we should/could have done
  • Adapt to the situation
  • Play hard, play tough, play fair

Expiration Date: Mustangs are Forever

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