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How lacrosse stats work

February 19, 2010

Women’s lacrosse has its own curious lingo when it comes to the statistics that detail how a game went. According to the US Lacrosse Women’s Lacrosse Statistics Guide, here’s some quick definitions:

  • SHOT: Any attempt made by a player to score a goal.
  • SAVE: Recorded each time a goalie stops a ball from going into her goal that, if she did not stop, might result in a goal for the opponent.
  • ASSIST: Is a play made by a player to her teammate who then scores a goal without having to evade excessive defensive pressure other than the goalkeeper. Only one assist per goal may be recorded.
  • GROUND BALL: Recorded when a ball changes possession during live-ball play.
  • FOUL: Should be recorded each time play stops and a major foul is called.
  • DRAW CONTROL: Awarded to the player who controls the ball and/or creates an opportunity to play following the taking of a draw; i.e., gains possession following the draw.

If you’d like to know more, the entire 10-page Statistics Guide IS HERE!

And Coach Scott Mann doesn’t mind if you want to try your hand at stat keeping. Try it using THIS STAT SHEET (HERE) and feel free to submit it to the team scorekeeper after the game!

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