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New fundraising through Ralphs

November 6, 2011

HERE IS A FLYER that you can give to neighbor, friend, co-worker or relative that explains how to sign up to help THGLAX!

Trabuco Hills Girls Lacrosse can benefit from purchases at Ralphs markets by registering your Ralphs Rewards Card at the chain’s website.

So, we’ve got away to use the generosity of Ralphs markets so you can lower lacrosse expenses and help our program!

Effective immediately, 90 percent of any identifiable proceeds that Trabuco Hills Girls Lacrosse receives from the Community Rewards plan at Ralphs markets be will credited to your family’s “Mustang Money” that can be applied lacrosse expenditures with Mustang Lacrosse Club or the high school team. The program will the remaining 10 percent.

In addition — and this is a bit of a twist — we will additionally credit your family for any proceeds we receive for any neighbor/pal/relative/co-worker/etc. that you can sign up to support our program.

How will it work?

1. Ralphs pay community groups like Trabuco Hills Girls Lacrosse a small slice of the dollars spent shopping with Ralphs Reward Cards that are registered as supporters of our team through its Community Rewards program.

2. Trabuco Hills Girls Lacrosse gets a quarterly check (and detailed statement) from Ralphs. From the statement, we can credit funds raised to a family’s account!

3. So, please tell us when you’ve registered. Also, tell us the name and Ralphs Rewards Card number of any neighbor/pal/relative/co-worker/etc. that’s agreed to help Trabuco Hills Girls Lacrosse.

4. When our team’s Ralphs statement arrives, we can then credit families for their assistance on a dollar-for-dollar basis. We can only credit funds that actually appear in the Ralphs’ statement. (Basically, we cannot be liable for any misunderstandings, mistakes, etc.) These credits can be applied to any/all team or club expenditures.

5. We cannot offer any refunds — if, for example, your girls does not play for the Mustangs in the future. But we will let you assign any balance to another Mustang family.

6. How much can be raised? We have seen previously that some active Ralphs shoppers generate dollars for THGLAX through this program at about a $50 a year rate.

7. Mustang Money explainer is HERE!

How to sign up for yourself and/or any neighbor/pal/relative/co-worker/etc.?

1. Even if you have previously signed up, you must re-register now!

2. Click on THIS LINK to sign in! (If link does not work for you, try

3. If you already have an online Ralphs account, SIGN IN. If not, CREATE AN ACCOUNT!

4. Under the Account Settings tab, scroll down and select the “Community Rewards” bar.

5. Select “Edit Community Contribution Program Information”

6. Under #1 for “Find your organization Enter your organization number or at least 5 characters of your organization’s name and click “Search” …

  • Type “92893″ or “THHS Girls Lacrosse”
  • Click “Search”
  • Select “THHS Girls Lacrosse”
  • Click “Save Changes”
  • You are done! Congratulations you are now earning money through Ralphs for the team every time you shop.
Why not get your girl to go down your street — or contact a few relatives — to get friends and family to sign up with this Mustang fundraiser with the Ralph program!
  • HERE IS A FLYER that you can give to neighbor, friend, co-worker or relative that explains how to sign up to help THGLAX!

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