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Please help Trabuco Hills Girls Lacrosse thrive! Your generosity of money and time is greatly appreciated!

Current/upcoming fundraisers …

Ways to give by dining …

None currently scheduled!

Ways to give by shopping …

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The Saddleback Valley Unified School District is very proud of the extensive co-curricular programs offered at the comprehensive high schools.  Through state funding, the District provides financial support for these programs, which may  include stipends for one or more coach/advisor for each program, superb facilities, and general maintenance of the facilities. However, costs exceed limited state allocations, thus necessitating booster club support and requests for contributions from participants.

Participation in the Trabuco Hills High School Track & Field program is strictly voluntary, and no student will be denied the opportunity to  participate in a SVUSD co-curricular activity because of a parent or guardian’s failure to participate in fundraising activities, failure to devote time or resources to  the booster club, or failure to purchase uniforms, or other accessories or  equipment. Parents or students who do not participate will not be publicly identified.

In an effort to provide a comprehensive program for students at all levels, the Trabuco Hills Girls Lacrosse will request additional contributions to fulfill our operating budget. If additional funds to augment the program are not raised in the amount noted above, the school may find it necessary to scale back the program. We are strongly encouraging all parents to contribute to the program. Remember, your contributions are tax deductible. Additionally, parents and students may be asked to participate in fundraising activities throughout the year in an effort to provide even greater fi nancial support for the program. Participation is highly encouraged.

However, lack of participation in these fundraising activities by a parent or guardian will not affect their student’s ability to participate.

We know times are tough for many families and THGLAX is working to get you ways for you to support your girl’s game and Trabuco Hills Girls Lacrosse without it costing you much cash.Most of our fundraising activities for now will let your family collect — for lack of a better phrase — “Mustang Money” that can be applied to most expenses associated with playing lacrosse with Mustang Lacrosse Club or Trabuco Hills Girls Lacrosse.(FYI: A student-athlete’s ability to play with a high school team will not be impacted by the level of any payments for the official high school program. And THGLAX does have scholarship opportunities, if help is needed!)

We know that lacrosse has become a year-round activity with year-round costs, too! We hope this new program reflects this status, as well.

To help families lower the costs — and perhaps give your girls some motivation to raise money for their play — THGLAX will credit 90% of program proceeds from pre-approved fundraisers to your family’s “account.” The remaining 10% will go to the program’s general fund.

How will it work?

1. Pre-approved fundraisers must have a way for us to identify what family was the contributor.

2. Payment has to be in cash (Cash-like payments such as a gift cards that we could use for supplies or services or as raffle item — or certain trades of goods or services — may be approved on a case-by-base basis!)

3. Family will get 90% credit of cash received by THGLAX.

4. In most cases, your “Mustang Money” balance will be applied to your next THGLAX expense. (One exception we know of: $75 transportation donation to SVUSD for spring play!)

5. We cannot offer any refunds — if, for example, your girl does not play for the Mustangs in the future. But, we will let you assign any “Mustang Money” balance to another Mustang family.

6. All balances carry over from season to season, so if your were lucky enough to earn more than you could spend in the official season, your balance can be applied to off-season — or vice versa.

7. New players can participate, as well. (Note: no refund policy, please!)

8. Long-standing team fundraising efforts — such as clothing sales or selling pierogi at International Day — will remain with THGLAX.

9. Ad-sale proceeds from the THGLAX media guide will now be credited as “Mustang Money” for any/all lacrosse expenses — at the 90% level.


1. Family buys goods through a THGLAX-approved sale (Say, See’s Candies!) Family would get credit for 90% of the funds donated to THGLAX!

2. Family plans a restaurant fundraiser. (Note: Not as profitable as you’d think!) Family would get credit for 90% of the funds donated to THGLAX!

3. Family would get credit for 90% for funds generated through affinity programs like Ralphs Community Rewards, where we can identify the donor.

We hope to keep this simple. But holler with any questions … or — especially — ideas for new fundraisers!

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