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Media Guide ad sales begin

January 10, 2012

Click for 2011 edition!

Start the ad sales for the 2012 Trabuco Hills Girls Lacrosse Media Guide!

Ads sales are a great way for families to lower their donations for the Team Spirit Pack or pay for other Mustang lacrosse expenses! For this year, 90 percent of every dollar of business ads sold goes toward your family lacrosse expenses. (Personal/family ads do not count for this benefit!) Any excess monies can/will be applied to future costs.

A copy of the 2011 THHS Girls Lacrosse media guide IS HERE!

This year, Spirit Pack donation will be $355 … same as 2011! Plus, there’s a $75 SVUSD transportation donation for offset the cost of our buses. (Note: Financial contributions will not impact a player’s team status!)

Deadline? Feb. 15 for all ad sales, artwork and payments!!!

Here’s some guidelines:

  • Why? The production costs of the program, as well as a portion of our team costs, are funded by these advertisements, so the support of all of our families is encouraged. Do not forget to ask businesses you are in contact with everyday, such as the cleaners, dentist, video store, or restaurant. Be sure to collect the artwork and check at the same time if possible. Make as many copies of the contract form as you will need. The same form may be used for commercial business ads as well as family personal ads. Once you have completed a sale, tear off the receipt, fill it out and leave it with the business or individual that placed the ad.
  • Program Advertising Contract? This form — CLICK HERE FOR CONTRACT — should be filled out by the advertiser for each advertisement submitted. Advertising rates are listed on the form. Please include the form, digital (preferred) or camera-ready artwork and a check for the appropriate amount made out to “Trabuco Hills Girls’ Lacrosse.” Present this form to any merchant or service providers who might want to advertise, such as your dentist, cleaners, restaurant, or retail store.
  • Advertisement Size Specifications? The following sizes are available: full page, half page, quarter page, and business card. Please note the exact sizes on the spec sheet. Advertisers must fit their artwork into the space indicated for the size ad they bought.
  • Artwork? All artwork submitted must be digital (preferred) or camera ready. Camera ready artwork means a clean photograph, laser print or photocopy within the border guidelines of the specified size. Color photos or gradients (images using grayscale or halftone dots) may not reproduce as well as the original so digital files are highly recommended. Business cards may be submitted as is. We can do simple ad construction for any advertiser who does not have the time/skill to create one.
  • Previous year’s clients? We’ll let families first pitch their old clients through Jan. 30. After then, anybody’s fair game. See list of last year’s advertisers HERE!
  • More questions? Contact Sandy Young using form below!

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