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Mustangs win 4 of 5 at UCSB

February 18, 2013

Mustangs Club finished off-season play winning four of five matches at the UCSB Shootout this past weekend, their best visit to the pre-season event.


  • Xavier, 10-5 win: Goals by Kendall Derbyshire, 4; Jackie Huse and Hanna Redwine 2; Jenelle Phillips and Melanie Leong, 1. Cyrena Malkowski, 11 saves
  • Petaluma, 5-3 loss: Goals by Derbyshire, Redwine and Leong. Malkowski had 13 saves.
  • Impact, 13-10 win: Derbyshire, 6; Megan McIntyre, 2; Phillips, 3; and one each from Redwine and Leong. Malkowski had 8 saves.


  • Temeculax, 13-3 win: Redwine 4; McIntyre, Phillips, Derbyshire, 2; Huse, Leong and Sandoval, 1. Malkowski had 11 saves.
  • Chaparral, 12-4 win: Phillips 4; Leong, 3; and 1 each from Derbyshire, Redwine, McIntyre, Sandoval and Huse.

Coach Scott Leong: “It was a good tournament for player and team improvement. More and more it’s coming down to good decision making on the field.”

Notes: Malkowski with 53 saves for the weekend … Outscored opponents, 51 to 27 … Nikki Neely had 9 caused turnovers and 6 ground ball controls in game against Temeculax … Weekend assist leaders: Derbyshire, 9; Leong and Phillips 6; McIntyre with 3.

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