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Varsity 15, Newport Harbor 3

March 12, 2013

As the Trabuco Hills Girls Lacrosse Varsity squad prepared for their first home game of the season, there was a sense of determination that seemed to be rising from the field.  The games matter  . . .  it’s our home opener  . . .  what would Newport Harbor come at us with?  The script would be written very early.

Almost on queue, the Mustangs started the game off with 2 quick goals by Hope Dodd, hinting at what was to come.  When Newport Harbor came down and spent an extended amount of time in the Trabuco zone, however, it was the defense that once again stepped up to create a wall around their own goal, not even allowing a shot after patiently out waiting the Sailor offense.  The immediate result was 2 more goals, these coming from Kendall Derbyshire, and then another by Melanie Leong after a beautiful hesitation move by Hannah Redwine which allowed for a perfect feed right in the slot.  But what became readily apparent was that Newport Harbor had no answer for the shut-down defense it was facing, finding it nearly impossible to penetrate the perimeter for any sort of quality chance.  Becca Haggard was very active, moving nicely on the offensive end but also causing headaches with her quick coverage around the Mustang goal.  Delaney Shelton continued her comeback with a nifty goal on a great individual effort, and followed that up with another as the half was winding down.  Score at the break: Trabuco Hills 7, Newport Harbor 1.

The second half started much like the first, with Dodd netting 2 more goals and a nearly impenetrable defensive shell protecting Cyrena Malkowski’s net.  Niki Neely again stood out with her fierce defensive play, and Becca Ransom was effective helping to move the ball upfield after turnovers or saves.  Jenelle Phillips joined the scoring, followed by Marina Sandoval who beat the Sailor goalie on a great individual effort.  The Sailors again attempted to set up shop in the Mustang zone, but the result was nothing more than taking a lot of time off of the clock.  Goals by Taylor Fox and Alex Miller followed, then Haggard’s hard work was rewarded with a tally of her own after a nice assist from Cheyenne Ochoa.  Shelton closed out the scoring with her 3rd goal of the contest.   

Final Score:  Trabuco Hills 15, Newport Harbor 3

Record: 4-1-2

Next game:  At Tesoro, Wednesday, in first South Coast League match.

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