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JV 6, Yorba Linda 6

April 27, 2013

The Trabuco Hills Girls JV Lacrosse team played their final regular season game at home against Yorba Linda on Friday.

In true Mustang fashion the girls of Trabuco would score first on a goal from Hannah Moller.  Yorba Linda struck back with a goal of their own and the score was tied, 1-1.  The Mustangs dominated the middle of the field.  Strong defense and aggressive play from Shelby Siano, Kody Shelton, Caroline Rabourn and Kaylyn Voytilla kept moving the ball into the baskets of the Mustang offensive.  However, they could not capitalize on opportunities around the Yorba Linda net.  Suddenly, the Mustangs found themselves in a whole and were down 4-1 as the half was slipping away.  With a surge of intensity they fought back and scored quickly from well placed shots by Shannon Smith and Jacquie Cronkrite.  The half came to a close with the Mustangs down by one goal at 4-3.

The second half began and the Mustangs still held the momentum.  Another Jacquie Cronkrite goal tied the game.  The Mustang offense struggled to penetrate the Yorba Linda defense and found themselves passing around the perimeter but not being able to take many shots.  The Yorba Linda team took advantage of fast breakaways and brought the score to 6-4.

The Mustangs came back with renewed energy and fought hard to keep the Yorba Linda team on their heels.  A crisp pass from Sam Ransom put Shannon Smith in front of the goal and her shot was on target.  The Mustangs were now down by one.  They took control of the game and again threatened but could not break through the Yorba Linda defense.  Near the 2 minute mark Rachel Gillett drew a timely penalty and scored the tying goal on a low placed shot.  At 6-6 with the time running down the Mustangs controlled the game but could not finish with a victory.  The only thing stopping the girls from winning this one was the clock.

Record: 7-6-3

Next event: At Lax-a-palooza at Laguna Hills Saturday.

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