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2014 volunteers wanted!

January 10, 2014

THGLAX will hold a mandatory player/parent meeting on Monday Jan. 13 at 6:30 p.m. at the Trabuco Hills MPR. Please be prompt, we have a busy agenda to set up the 2014 season.

rosebowl-thglax-1214A key agenda item is establishing our volunteer lineup. Its takes great help to make the lacrosse program run smoothly and be a great experience for our girls. Here’s some of the chores we need help with. You don’t have to wait for Monday, if something appeals to you. Just reply to

  • Game day set up/tear down – This involves two positions, one pre-game and one post-game.  The girls do most of the heavy lifting but a parent is needed to help oversee the setup and takedown of goals, tables, chairs etc.
  • Press Box Announcer/Score Keeper – Position announces Team line up, key players for scores and manages scoreboard.  Must be at every home game or partner with someone and have all games covered.
  • Time Keeper – Sideline position responsible for keeping accurate time during home games.
  • Stats Keeper  – Sideline position responsible for keeping accurate stats for all players.  Position trues up raw data and compiles season totals as well.
  • Stats Compiler –  This position takes the raw data from individual games and trues up the numbers by player for season totals.  Compiles raw stats per player to readable stats.
  • Team Photographer/Videographer – Position is responsible for taking individual and team photos at home games and various tournaments.  Photos to be used for possible yearbook, yearend Awards video, media guide etc.
  • Game Reporter – This position needs to be present at all games (home or away) or partner with someone to cover all games.  It requires a written brief summary of the game highlights in a news story like format  This will appear on our website and our facebook page.
  • Tournament Food Coordinator – This position is responsible for coordinating lunches at Mustang Club Tournaments.  This involves ordering sandwiches and then creating a signup sheet for families to bring items.  (Sandstorm, UCSB Shootout etc)
  • Team Dinner Coordinators –  This position coordinates weekly team dinners for either JV or V by creating a calendar and having families sign up to host a dinner.
  • Recruiting Coordinator – Key position building roster of candidates/recruits for Mustang Lacrosse for 2014 and beyond  Organize table for Open House & Back-to-School-Night where Freshman and parents will visit THHS.  Job includes obtaining names and contact info for rookies and coordinating w/ Coach and Secretary communications to these families.  Various Outreach efforts should/can be explored with youth leagues etc.
  • Secret Sister Coordination – Oversee’s Secret Sister process, ensures parents are aware of how the program works.  Keeps cost and snacks in check.
  • Senior Night Committee –  At the last game of the season, we honor the graduating Seniors.  We need both a Chairperson and a small committee to work this.  Chairperson oversee’s all the planning, budget, flow and logistics of the evening.  Committee takes on key components of the night cakes, singer, sound system, roses, tiaras/candy leis etc.
  • Media Guide – This position will work with Jon Lansner to coordinate ad sales from families and produce the magazine-style publication.
  • Fundraising Chair – This position is responsible for submitting all necessary paperwork to the ASB for approval before the season begins (this has already been completed for 2014 season) and needs to update & distribute 2014 Fundraising donation letter through ASB.
  • Sticks and Stones tournament 3/28-29 – (Registration/Food Trucks/Set up/Take Down/Snack Bar/Field Prep/Selling T-shirts/Managing Brackets)
  • Photo Day: Coordinates photo date, photographer and location.  Communicates to families all important information along with order forms.  Orders extra photos for Coaches, yearbook, media guide, family orders etc  Ensures all photographer deadlines are met.

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