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2014 Dress Code

January 15, 2014

The THHS Girls Lacrosse Team will adhere to the dress code as outlined in the school handbook (Page 22) and the US Lacrosse Rules in both practices and the 2014 season.


  • Standard fitting gym shorts (spandex are fine under shorts)
  • Reversible Pinnie

Season games:

US Lacrosse rules: All visible undergarments worn under the kilts/shorts/shirts must be on one solid color, and must be white, gray, black or one of that team’s uniform colors. All team members who choose to wear visible undergarments must wear the same color.

  • Team uniform (provided)
  • THGLAX chooses black spandex under kilt
  • White sports bra under white uniform
  • Long sleeve t-shirts may be worn under uniform but must be black (no hood)*
  • Game day socks: Navy blue (preferably team socks*) or no show socks.


  • Practice: A change of clothes will be provided to wear for the remainder of practice. Offending player may also be subject to additional team sanctions.
  • Season-game penalty: At start of game is loss of draw. Mid-game: Loss of possession.

* These items are included in the player’s SpiritPack.

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