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Home game requirements changed

March 15, 2011

Coach Scott Leong has a new policy for players’ time commitments on days of home games, beginning with March 15 game …

  • Varsity to show up at 4:15 to setup for their 5:30 game. (45 minute warm up.)
  • JV shows up at 6:15 for their 7:00 game.


  • First-game team does setup. (Whether Varsity or JV)
  • Second-game team does takedown. (Players can leave once takedown is done; and is approved by head coach.)
  • JV doesn’t have to be there for the Varsity game, or vice versa.

Coach Scott Leong: “I feel it sounded good on paper for team support and learning, but in reality the non-playing team either was doing homework or chatting amongst themselves in the stands. No more hanging around after the last game wondering when everyone can leave. Once things are cleaned up, we’re all out of there.”


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